Sunday, October 24, 2010

final war.. -__-

pergh,war starts tomorrow peoples..huhu *sesak dada memikirkan takpe,nie semua dugaan.verily after each difficulty there is a relief right? (: sabar jelah,biase laa exam kan.student life kan?normal thing laa.haha,don't trouble the trouble if you don't want the trouble to trouble you.. :D live well or live hell,you choose.ngee (:

bie,be MY WONDERWALL? (: i trust you with all my heart dear.i know you love me right?hehe i hope that our relationship will last forever,not like before anymore.i know that i did a lot of mistakes towards you and i'm sorry.i promise that i will change for you.. (: i will be with you come hell or high's not a crime to fall in love for the second time right?haish,everything is okay in the end,if it's not okay then it's not the end.haha,life is all about risks dear,and it requires you to jump! (: ntahapapa jer ak merepek kan?betul laa ak da putus fius.haha :D

i smile.i laugh.i lie.i pretend.i really hurts.*cilok org punye ayat..haha (: best kot ayat tue, touching jer..huh,life breaks me all.but in the end i'm stronger in my broken places.reality hurt, truth bites,living's killing,todays torture and yesterday are just as bad,but i do believe in God's love.i'm living because of His love.. (: there are times when strangers are like family and family are like strangers.

*HLOVATE,i phylic you laa.sumpah all your karya is very motivational..i likeee (: abaikan,FARAH HANNA HIDAYAH sudaa putus fius.. :D

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