Saturday, August 28, 2010

no idea..

currently,feeling a little bored so im thinking of posting this but seriously i don't know what i wanna post here.hahaha :D so im just saying craps here.dont care about me here,im just bored. erm,currently addicted to texting!hooyeah..sampaikan mama ckp asyik2 dgn phone blh letak da.haha,nk bt mcm mane da org text ak.ak kan baek hati,so reply jelaah.(: ak pun bosaan tataw nk bt ape texting ar.laen ar kalo mama bg ak pegi merayap 24/7,mmg ak tk peduli da dgn phone tue.agaknye tk nampak da ak kat rmh nie..huhu :D and in a dilemma right noww!need someone who understand and know who i really am right now..huhu ): MAG'S 7 i miss u guys so damn freaking much babes!

Friday, August 27, 2010

ramadhan has almost come to the end and its time for EID..(:

result test2 da dpt da,huhu.boleh laa tahan kot even ak tk brape nk puas hati jugaak.ade 3A jer kot,then still ade jgk 1G.): sedey jgk,tp nk bt mcm mane.redha jelaah,ak jgk yg tk study.huhu jeles kat nana,die ade 6A then takde fail pun,bile laa ak nk start study nie?insyaallah end of the year ni nk bt yg the best..(: erm,ramadhan da halfway da.excited giler ar nk raye..hehe :D dpt cuti 2weeks,seronok giler laa.nk baleek K.D,rindu kat sume org!and btw,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HAIKAL HANIFAH.happy sweet sixteen bro,may all u'r dreams n wishes come true.and may u'r relationship with amanda my dearest bestfriend will last forever..:) jage die elok2 dude,if jd anything kat die siap ar kaw!huhu,i love u guys so much!jeles tgk pic korang time BBQ tue..:D

Friday, August 13, 2010


happy ramadhan n fasting all..its been a few days now and im so excited for RAYA!haha,a little bit over right?what do i care,i loves shopping.:)i know u feel like me too,rite?just admit it..

i just finished my CELIK MINDA program and honestly,it is ssooo damn fucking bored!sorry to say this..hehe :P for it is ramadhan so we can go back every week and i don't have to stay at hostel when weekend.oh yes,i do love it!:D and oh,im going to sit my TEST2 next week,and im soo not ready yet..:) i hope there is no more fail in my results coz i hate to see the letter G there..wish me luck guys!