Saturday, September 4, 2010

happy hols.. (:

it's holidays guys and i'm lovin it! (: hehe wishing u guys a happy holidays and selamat menyambut incoming hari raya.haha,overexcited sgt sampai wish advanced giler. :D tp,takpe blh jer wish lagi nanti kan?tk salah pun nk wish byk2 en?going to shopping today!hehe (: my feveret thing to do..i'm a shopaholic!:D

last friday hangout jap.first2 nk tgk cite step up,but kat that place takde so sbb mls nk b'gerak pegi another place tgk jelah cite ape yg ade.mamat tue nk tgk cite cats&dogs 3D even ak tk minat pun nk tgk cite tue tp layan jelaah..huhu,but in conclusion that story is not so bad.lawak giler nk mampos!haha,so sape2 yg nk release tension blh pegi tgk cite nie ar kot,sesuai sgt.

naak balek KD!huhu,missing my GF's and BF's right noow..miss u guys so freaking much laa. korang semua pun da duk tanye bile laa ak nk pegi sane.insyaallah,nanti ak sampai laa.but,if ak pegi sane make sure duit raye utk ak ade ar..haha (:

lastly,not to forget for the form fivers.raye raye jugaak,trial SPM jgn lupe pulak..huhu,especially for my beloved sister!<3 gudluck all.. (:

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